The DIET4Elders project will bring benefits to the elderly community and also to their families and carers and the doctors that monitor the health of the elderly. The project will develop services that notify the elderly and family/carers about identified unhealthy feeding behaviour and gives guidance on how the current behaviour should be improved (i.e. suggestions on how the older adults can obtain an optimal time/position/eating rate). At the same time, doctors or dieticians will be able to monitor the actual end users diet and adapt it remotely to the end users current situation and health conditions, providing information about the most appropriate food for their needs.

Also, the end users will be able to easily obtain the food directly from food companies by using an online ordering service which offers the end users specifically the food that is recommended for his/her diet.

This will have a significant impact on improving the older adult’s quality of life by reducing the malnutrition negative effects such as: exacerbation of chronic and acute diseases, speeding up the development of degenerative diseases, delaying recovering from illness etc. And all this involve:

(i) a significant decrease of the costs for managing the malnutrition effects on older adults and

(ii) an increase the number of older adults able to self-manage their feeding behaviour and diet.

In conclusion, DIET4Elders provides a complete diet management experience by linking the services and information that professionals need to monitor, lifestyle and eating behaviours. It also provides the help and guidance required to assist customers with their dietary choices and overcoming inappropriate eating behaviour.