In the area of nutrition related services the contemporary service models are based on providing calorific and nutritional information for popular products. Based on this information the existing services allow for defining and following a specific weight loss plan. Even if they are intended to be used by all kind of people no matter the age, the older adults’ specific problems regarding nutrition and self-feeding behaviour are not considered. Common problems of older adults such as the decrease in sensitivity, the side effects of medication, physical difficulty or forgetfulness may generate malnutrition problems which cannot be solved by using simple weight loss plans.

DIET4Elders project aims to develop an innovative ICT-based system to provide support services to:

(i) assist older adults and their informal carers during daily self-feeding activities and is aimed at detecting and preventing the instauration of malnutrition,

(ii) help the nutritionists to establish the degree in which the older adults follow their prescribed diet and to dynamically adjust it and

(iii) enable the dynamic selection, based on the prescribed diet, of suitable food service provider and potentially enable automated shopping.